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Shop Software

After years 11 years of researching, testing, cursing and banging our heads against a brick wall we believe we have found a sensible and usable solution for small scale ecommerce sites. Magento is great for large shops, we’ve used CubeCart for medium sized sites and even built bespoke shops when … Continue reading

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Microsoft releases IE8 today

Microsoft have released the full version of their latest IE browser today. They claim it to be more standards compliant than previous versions. Continue reading

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Additions to the Top 10 WordPress Plugins post

After reading Blueprint Design Studio’s blog post Top 10 WordPress CMS Plugins I started to ponder what other plugins I would add to their list. This is what I can up with. Continue reading

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AddThis – the social bookmarking widget

AddThis is a little set of unobtrusive buttons that you add to your website or blog to enable your visitors to easily bookmark your content. Continue reading

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