What is Google +1?

You may have seen the new +1 buttons appearing across the web but do you know what they are?

The +1 button started appearing on Google search results and adverts back in March 2011 encouraging users to recommend content to friends and contacts. This month Google released the +1 button to the whole web so that it can be used on any web page.

Google +1

Google +1

Google describe the button as shorthand for “you should check this out”.

To +1 something just click on the +1 button. You need a public Google profile to help people see who made the recommendation. If you are not already logged into your Google account you will be asked to sign in.

Google +1

Sign in to Google +1

A new tab in your Google profile stores your + 1′s which you can keep private or share with the rest of the world.

We’ve started to add Google +1 buttons to our ‘Share this’ tool bars. was the first of our clients sites to benefit.

Google +1 button on

Google +1 button on

If you search for pompom headscarf spring collection you will find that I have +1′d the page and it is highlighted in the Google search results.


Google +1We’re just getting used to the phrases ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ now you’ll be asking friends if they have +1′d a page.

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