Top 5 inspirational Social Media Campaigns

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at the Stratford Business Forum Professionals group. They were keen to find out more about using Social Media in business. The best way to show the power of social media is to look at real case studies.

Here are my top 5 inspirational social media campaigns:

  1. Interflora
    The simple but heartwarming Interflora Twitter campaign always come to mind when I’m asked to about successful Twitter campaigns. Interflora launched a campaign to cheer up glum Twitter followers by sending them a bunch of flowers.
    the ‘Marmarati’ are a group of individuals recruited by Marmite. The site is based on enthusiast blogs and online competitions, where entrants had to describe why they loved the brand. They were entrusted to trial a new, stronger marmite spread. As well as connecting personally with their biggest fans, the story gained national coverage and its latest edition, Marmite XO, was launched
  3. Save BBC6 Music
    A supported launched a protest song on YouTube and more than 100,000 people signed up in support of saving the station. The Save 6 Music Facebook group attracted more than 88,000 members, and another online petition signed up almost 25,000 

    Campaigners used Twitter and added a ribbon to their profile picture .

  4. Asda: Averting A Social Media Crisis
    Asda reacted quickly using social media to protect it’s brand after a damaging video was uploaded to YouTube showing a former member of staff damaging products and licking raw chicken. Asda posted a video on YouTube which included interviews with shocked staff. They were able to respond quickly using a Flip camera
  5. Guinness
    The newest campaign to make it onto my list makes me smile! Guinness is using Facebook and YouTube to launch 2 online ad campaigns educating men about how to prepare for St Patrick’s Day. You have to watch the ‘man hug’ advert to see if you agree with me.
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